About Us

Biosilu Healthcare is a German-Chinese life science company accelerating the development and commercialization of specialty biopharmaceuticals addressing the growing needs of Asian patients.

Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and with a team in Shanghai, China, Biosilu Healthcare acquires rights for innovative products for Asian markets by collaborating with western biopharmaceutical as well as Asian companies and investors. Capitalizing on our network with the pharmaceutical industry Biosilu Healthcare advises Asian biopharmaceutical companies and investors in their outreach to western markets, partners and investment opportunities.  




总部位于德国法兰克福, 中国团队位于上海。柏丝路医疗通过与西方生物制药公司以及亚洲公司和投资者合作,获得创新药物产品在亚洲市场的权利, 携手西方生物制药公司把创新药物引入亚洲市场。通过其在制药业强大的业务网络,柏丝路医疗为中西生物制药公司以及投资者间的合作出谋划策、牵线搭桥。